DST Digital Servo Tester / LCD Tachometer

DST V 3.24

Digital Servo Tester / Tachometer, Four in one -- 16F84A    

for DST V 4.X visit here


=====   Acknowledgements 2010/01 ==================

Fred <micowave@clix.pt>  from Azores islands, Portugal. offer PCB layout for both V3.X and V4.X.

Here is the V3.X . Download lay file DST_Fr84.zip


V3.24 update: FIX bug, when doing receiver testing may crash at 1500uS. thanks to "ysniwo" from Taiwan who reported the bug.@

V3.23 Update

Due to some strange LCD modules (C1602B-xxx) can't operate normally, but display two black line, with the V3.22. I do some modification to make the program fit all LCD modules I have had.


Andrey offer a new layout here with LM358 front-end

Thanks to Andrey again.   The .lay file  can open by  "Sprint Layout"  program


The Hardware V1.1C  DST.sch with LM358 front-end, others same as V1.1

For higher sensibility, the front end of Tachometer, use a LM358 IC instead of 2SC945.

This circuit can read  scintillation of scintillant light, easily.



Hardware V 1.1 with 2SC945 front-end


Digital servo tester (DST)      

Full digitize, 10 uS / step, 20mS / frame, have five test modes:

1. Manual mode

the PWM pulse width range from 1000uS~ 2000uS, 10uS/step with one touch neutral point (1500uS).

2 .Slow mode

take 10 second from 1000 to 2000 and reverse too, auto process 2 times 

3. Fast mode

Jump between 1000 and 2000 every 0.5 second, auto process 5 times 

4 .Mid mode    

take 2 second from 1000 to 2000 and reverse too, auto process 5 times 

5. Random mode          

Random Jump  every 0.3 second, auto process 20~30 times 


Receiver tester (REC_T )    

Function: read out receiver's output PWM width, and test the sticks of transmitter.

For this test, you need a connecter like this with two female end. 

You can connect two ordinary servo cable to get this.



Speed Controller Tester (SCT)

The PWM pulse width range from 1000uS~ 2000uS, 10uS/step with one touch stop (1000 uS)..

The initial pulse width is 1000 uS.


LCD Tachometer   

range from 100 RPM to 99900 RPM,   100 RPM resolution for 2 to 5  blades propeller

accuracy 100~ 10000  +- 100 RPM,    10000~99900 +- 1% , refresh rate 0.6 second / time


Operation Manual: here

DIY tips:    

Remember to connect CD4013 pin 3,4,5,6,7,8,10 to GND,  pin 14 to VCC, and a 0.1 uF between pin 7 & 14

For more detail & DIY , see the LED Tachometer for ref.

More picture about the prototype pic1  pic2  pic3


1. The 5 mm phototransistor is L-51P3C . any 3~5 mm phototransistor work with hardware V1.1C

2. Three lead phototransistor is OK. just let the "B" unleaded.

3.  LCD module is WH0802A from WINSTAR, almost any brand will do, even a 16*2. the pin count are all the same.


16F84A.ASM  V3.24                         16F84A.HEX   V3.24



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