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         R/C Controller for Retractable Landing Gear V 4.0

with Anti-Collision Strobe Light & Landing Lights & Cabin Door controlling

V 3.1 Here  (Read me first)


V 4.0  12F675 & 12C508A  ( Feb / 2005 )

Add one more servo for landing-gear-cabin door controlling.

When on : cabin door open quickly -> landing gear down slowly.

When off : landing gear up slowly -> cabin door close quickly.

The system treat PWM > 80% (1.8mS) as ON, less than 20% (1.2mS) as off.

The end points of landing gear may trimming from -20%~+20% & +80%~+120%, but the end points of cabin door are not .

Before you install the servos into plane, make sure the direction of servos, avoid confliction action. 

Anti-Colliosion Strobe Light (ACSL1 & ACSL2) which flash alternative, every 0.6 second (half cycle).

Lading light 1 (LL1) active HIGH when gear down. Low when door close.


Other tips, ref. the previous version.  V 3.1 Here  (Read me first)

The Hex code include chip configuration, IntRC no clockout, WDT off.

Someone have commercialized the V3.x as "Servo Rate Reducer"

PIC12F675 ASM V4.0                             PIC12F675 HEX V4.0

PIC12C508A ASM V4.0                           PIC12C508A HEX  V4.0



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