Mutli-function R/C Controller 

On-OFF switch / Lost Model Alarm LMA / camera control / flight-light flash

BUG FIX :      VERSION 1.02 (AUG/20/2003)
  fix one bug, to make sure the freq pin is Low, when alarm turn off 

Sometime, model flight have their own will, landing at somewhere you can not find it. sometime, they just go away without say good-bye. So, there are flight locator, or loss flight buzzer, or flight finder, you can buy from internet / hobby store.

But can we get more from such device ? Do you want to add a missile launch, wing light , landing light, siren or anything you can image ? Will, anyway you need a controller to connect between your model receiver and devices. That's why I design this.

The "freq" pin output two-tone audio, sound like ambulance.

If your receiver don't has spare channel for this, use a Y connect, to plug this with rudder at same channel, it's an option.

The current limit provide by PIC pin, less than 20~25 mA, if you need more current, add driver circuit. and don't forget to check the current limit your receiver can provide to server. If need, connect the driver Vcc direct to battery. 


If you only want  a buzzer , use this circuit, only three parts. "OBO company" have some buzzer with internal driver.

If you can't find a buzzer with internal driver, try this.

the transformer is from a very old 6 transistors radio, blue color, output is 20 Vpp


Below for reference only ...

The IC-prog programmer setting as follow :


PIC16F84A.ASM                                              PIC16F84A.HEX

  PIC12C508A.ASM   V1.02                                 PIC12C508A.HEX V1.02



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