R/C Controller for Missile Launch 

V.10  12F675 & 12C508A  (Feb / 2005)   


This is for R/C airplane to launch missile by heating wire. We use firecracker as missile.

The heating wire (Nichrome wire) depend on wire-gauge. It might require some experimentation to determine the best gauge / length to use. But keep the current under 0.5A, otherwise  you should use more powerful driver than ULN2003A.

There are two launch mode, disconnect the jump, the sequence of launch is 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4. (mode 0)

While connect the jump, the sequence of launch is 1 & 2 -> 3 & 4 (mode 1), two missile at one trigger.



The Hex code include configuration as  IntRC , WDT off

For safety, you have to let the trigger at "OFF" position for at least 6 seconds, after power on, before you can launch.

Assemble program parameters list: (only for expert )

Parameter         Default                  ;Remark

FIRE_PWM      EQU D'180'        ;*10uS = PWM width. if PWM > 1.8mS , It's trigger "ON"
SAFE_N           EQU D'3'            ;Must have 3 continuous PWM > "FIRE PWM" to launch. to avoid noice.
FTIME             EQU D'15'          ;*100mS = duration of current supply to heating wire, default 1.5 second
DTIME            EQU D'10'           ;*100mS = time delay before next launch, if trigger button is always "ON"


PIC12F675 ASM V1.0                           PIC12F675 HEX  V1.0

PIC12C508A ASM V1.0                           PIC12C508A HEX  V1.0



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