DSC Auto Shoot R/C Controller 

( 12C508A / 12F675 )

The simple circuit is for camera shooting continuously, only two parts. 

Connect the J1 connector to 5th channel of receiver, turn on the switch. The pin5 (GP2) will generate 5 second interval square wave, with 500% duty rate . and the pin3 reverse to pin5 . The pin2 will output high when switch on, and low when off.

The pin2 output is for video- taking or ON/OFF control, like LED, buzzer.... 

The interval are 2 , 3, 4, 5 second 4 step, config by Jump 1 & Jump 2.  default is 5 second.

When you turn on power, may be take the first shoot, spontaneously, and may have 0.1 second deviation, and when you turn on the 5th channel, may have 0~2 second delay before shooting next picture. However, this circuit work.

PIC12C508A.ASM                           PIC12C508A.HEX 

PIC12F675.ASM                                  PIC12F675.HEX 



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